Glucose to Arabinose Conversion

Arabinose to Fructose Conversion

Conversion of Glucose to Arabinose

Aldohexose to Aldopentose(Glucose to Arabinose)

Wohl's Method

Aldose is first treated with hydroxylamine to give the corresponding aldoxime. This aldoxime is next warm with acetic anhydride in the presence of ZnCl2 so that the oxime group is dehydrated and the hydroxyl groups esterified to give the acetylated aldonobitrile. This is then warmed with ammonical silver oxide, to remove acetyl group by hydrolysis and a molecule of HCN is eliminated to give an aldose having one carbon less than the original aldose.
D-Glucose may be converted into to D-Arabinose by the following process-
Glucose to Arabinose Conversion

Conversion of Glucose to Fructose

Conversion of Arabinose to Fructose

Conversion of Fructose to Glucose and Mannose

Conversion of Arabinose to Glucose and Mannose