B.Sc. 1st Year Best Chemistry Notes || B.Sc. Chemistry 1st Part Notes

B.Sc. 1st Year Chemistry Notes || Chemistry B.Sc. 1st Part Notes

B.Sc. 1st Year Chemistry
Syllabus, Notes, MCQs and PYQs

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B.Sc. 1st Year Best Chemistry Notes

Access comprehensive B.Sc. 1st Semester Chemistry notes, previous year questions, syllabus, and eBooks for upcoming exams. In this page i will provide you complete notes of B.Sc. 1st year and also 1st semester including chapters- Gaseous State, Liquid State, Phase Equilibria, Electrical Transport, Periodic Properties, Chemical Bonding, s-Block Elements, p-Block, Atomic Structure, Solid State, Thermodynamics, Thermochemistry Elements, Estimation and Determination, Structure and Bonding, Mechanism and Organic Reaction, Alcohols, Organometallic Compounds, Organo Sulphur Compounds, Aldehydes and Ketones, Carboxylic Acid, Organic Compounds of Nitrogen. Enhance your understanding of chemistry with our detailed study materials for absolutely free of cost on maxbrainchemistry.com.

First Paper

Group-A: Physical Chemistry

Gaseous State

Liquid State

Phase Equilibria

Electrical Transport

Group-B: Inorganic Chemistry

Periodic Properties

Chemical Bonding

s-Block Elements

p-Block Elements

Previous Year Questions

First Paper

Second Paper

B.Sc. 1st Year Chemistry MCQs with Answer