Arabinose to Fructose Conversion

Arabinose to Fructose Conversion

Conversion of Arabinose to Fructose

Aldose to Next Higher Ketose (Arabinose to Fructose)

Wolfrom's Method

Aldose is oxidized into the corresponding aldonic acid with bromine water which is acetylated with acetic anhydride. The acetylated aldonic acid is then treated with thionyl chloride to give the corresponding acid chloride. This acid chloride further trated with diazomethane followed by heating with aqueous acitic acid and then deacetylation by alkaline hydrolysis gives next higher ketone.
D-Arabinose may be converted into to D-Fructose by the following process-
Arabinose to Fructose Conversion

Conversion of Glucose to Fructose

Conversion of Glucose to Arabinose

Conversion of Fructose to Glucose and Mannose

Conversion of Arabinose to Glucose and Mannose