NIOS Sr. Secondary Biology -314 Notes

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NIOS Class 12 Biology (314) Notes

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Here you can download NIOS Sr. Secondary Biology Syllabus, Modules, Previous Year Questions (PYQs), Sample Papers, Lab Manual, Marking Scheme and Teacher Marked Assignment(TMA) in pdf format.


Lessi0n:1 Origin and Evolution of Life and Introduction to Classification

Lession:2 The Kingdom Monera, Protoctista and Fungi

Lession:3 Kingdom Plantae and Animalia

Lession:4 Cell and Cell Types

Lession:5 Tissues and other Level of Organization


Lession:6 Root system

Lession:7 Shoot System

Lession:8 Absorption, Transport and Water Loss in Plants

Lession:9 Nutrition in plants - Mineral Nutrition

Lession:10 Nitrogen Metabolism

Lession:11 Photosynthesis

Lession:12 Respiration in Plants

Lession:13 Nutrition and Digestion

Lession:14 Respiration and Elimination of Nitrogenous Wastes

Lesson:15 Circulation of Body Fluids

Lession:16 Locomotion and Movement

Lession:17 Coordination and Control - The Nervous and Endocrine Systems

Lession:18 Homeostasis: The Steady State


Lession:19 Reproduction in Plants

Lession:20 Growth and Development in Plants

Lession:21 Reproduction and Population Control

Lession:22 Principles of Genetics

Lession:23 Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression

Lession:24 Genetics and Society


Lession:25 Principles of Ecology

Lession:26 Conservation and Use of Natural Resources

Lession:27 Pollution

Lession:28 Nutrition and Health

Lession:29 Some Common Human Diseases


Lession:30 Biotechnology

Lession:31 Immunobiology: An Introduction