MP Board Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper With Answer Exam 2023

MP Board Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper With Answer Exam 2023

MP Board Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper With Answer Exam 2023

MP Board Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper Exam 2023

MP Board Class 12 Chemistry MCQs with Answer

1. Choose the correct alternative

i. Molality of pure water is
a. 53.3
b. 53.4
c. 55.5
d. 56.6

Correct Answer is 55.5

ii. Cell Constant is
a. A/l
b. l/A
c. l.A
d. e.l/A

Correct Answer is l/A

iii. Which of the following transition metal ion is colored
a. Cu+
b. Sc+3
c. Ti+4
d. V+2

Correct Answer is V+2

iv. Carbon atom connected to the halogen in aryl halide having hybridization
a. sp
b. sp2
c. sp3
d. sp3d

Correct Answer is sp2

v. Shape or geometry of amine is
a. Pyramidal
b. Tetrahedral
c. Triangular planar
d. Square planar

Correct Answer is Pyramidal

vi. In animal, carbohydrate is stored in the form of
a. Glucose
b. Glycogen
c. Starch
d. Sucrose

Correct option is Glycogen

vii. Nature of amino acid is
a. Acidic
b. Basic
c. Amphoteric
d. Neutral

Correct option is Amphoteric

2. Fill in the blanks

i. Reciprocal of resistance is ..........

Specific Conductance

ii. Rate of reaction is .......... proportional to the concentration of reactant.


iii. Zn only shows .......... oxidation state.


iv. [CoF6]−3 is .......... spin complex.


v. The chemical formula of wood spirit is ..........


vi. C6H5-CH3 + HI .......... product

C6H6 + CH3I

Answer in one word/sentence

i. Write the formula of normality

Number of gram equivalents / volume of solution in litres

ii. Write the Arhenius equation

K = A.e−Ea/RT

iii. Write electronic configuration of Cu+2


iv. Give the structure of EDTA

Structure of EDTA

v. Complex compound having six coordination number generally what type of hybridization they have

sp3d2 or d2sp3

vi. Write the chemical equation to convert the benzene to aniline

C6H6 ---HNO3/H2SO4---> C6H5NO2 ---Sn/HCl---> C6H5NH2

vii. Name the sugar present in DNA molecule

Deoxyribose sugar

4. Match the column

i. Ce                      a. Rosenmund
ii. K4[Fe(CN)6]       b. Diazonium Salt
iii. C2H5OH            c. Aldohexose
iv. RCHO               d. ketohexose
iv. C6H5N2Cl         e. Mollases
iv. Glucose             f. +2
iv. Fructose            g. +4
                              h. +3

5. If 22 gm of benzene is dissolved in 122 gm of carbontetrachloride, calculate mass percentage of benzene.

Total mass of the solution = 22 + 122 = 14 gm
Mass % of benzene = (22 x 100)/144 = 15.28%
Mass % of carbontetrachloride = (122 x 100)/144 = 84.72%

5. or. Define colligative property.

A colligative property is the property of a dilute solution which dependent on the number of solute particles present in the solution and not on the chemical nature of the solute paerticles. It is of four types-
1. Relative lowering of vapour pressure
2. Depression in freezing point
3. Elevation in boiling point
4. Osmotic pressure